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usb-common.h File Reference

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pointer usbCreatePrivate (DeviceIntPtr pDevice)
void usbDestroyPrivate (pointer priv)
void usbInit (DevicePtr pDev, usbType type)
void usbOff (DevicePtr pDev)

Detailed Description

Interface to common USB support.
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Function Documentation

pointer usbCreatePrivate DeviceIntPtr  pDevice  ) 

Create a private structure for use within this file.

void usbDestroyPrivate pointer  priv  ) 

Destroy a private structure.

void usbInit DevicePtr  pDev,
usbType  type

Initialized pDev as a usbMouse, usbKeyboard, or usbOther device.

void usbOff DevicePtr  pDev  ) 

Turn pDev off (i.e., stop taking input from pDev).

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