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_myPrivate Struct Reference

Data Fields

int fd
int pitch
unsigned long duration
DeviceIntPtr pDevice
unsigned char mask [EV_MAX/8+1]
int numLeds
int relmap [DMX_MAX_AXES]
int absmap [DMX_MAX_AXES]

Detailed Description

Each device has a private area that is visible only from inside the driver code.

Field Documentation

int _myPrivate::absmap[DMX_MAX_AXES]

Absolute axis map

DMXInputInfo* _myPrivate::dmxInput

For pretty-printing

unsigned long _myPrivate::duration

Bell duration

int _myPrivate::fd

File descriptor

CARD32 _myPrivate::kbdState

Keyboard state

unsigned char _myPrivate::mask[EV_MAX/8 + 1]


int _myPrivate::numLeds


DeviceIntPtr _myPrivate::pDevice

Device (mouse or other)

int _myPrivate::pitch

Bell pitch

int _myPrivate::relmap[DMX_MAX_AXES]

Relative axis map

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