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_EventQueue Struct Reference

Data Fields

HWEventQueueType head
HWEventQueueType tail
CARD32 lastEventTime
Bool lastMotion
EventRec events [QUEUE_SIZE]
DevicePtr pPtr
ScreenPtr pEnqueueScreen
ScreenPtr pDequeueScreen

Detailed Description

Event queue.

Field Documentation

EventRec _EventQueue::events[QUEUE_SIZE]

Static allocation for signals.

HWEventQueueType _EventQueue::head

Queue head; must be long for SetInputCheck.

CARD32 _EventQueue::lastEventTime

To avoid time running backwards.

Bool _EventQueue::lastMotion

True if last event was motion.

ScreenPtr _EventQueue::pDequeueScreen

Screen events are dispatched to.

ScreenPtr _EventQueue::pEnqueueScreen

Screen events are delivered to.

DevicePtr _EventQueue::pPtr

Device pointers (to get funcs)

HWEventQueueType _EventQueue::tail

Queue tail; must be long for SetInputCheck.

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