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_DMXScreenInfo Struct Reference

#include <dmx.h>

Data Fields

const char * name
int index
Display * beDisplay
int beWidth
int beHeight
int beDepth
int beBPP
int beXDPI
int beYDPI
int beNumDepths
int * beDepths
int beNumPixmapFormats
XPixmapFormatValues * bePixmapFormats
int beNumVisuals
XVisualInfo * beVisuals
int beDefVisualIndex
int beNumDefColormaps
Colormap * beDefColormaps
Pixel beBlackPixel
Pixel beWhitePixel
Window scrnWin
int scrnX
int scrnY
int scrnWidth
int scrnHeight
int scrnXSign
int scrnYSign
Drawable scrnDefDrawables [MAXFORMATS]
Window rootWin
int rootX
int rootY
int rootWidth
int rootHeight
int rootXOrigin
int rootYOrigin
void * shadow
XlibGC shadowGC
XImage * shadowFBImage
int shared
PositionType where
int whereX
int whereY
int whereRefScreen
int savedTimeout
int dpmsCapable
int dpmsEnabled
int dpmsStandby
int dpmsSuspend
int dpmsOff
Bool needsSync
CloseScreenProcPtr CloseScreen

Detailed Description

Global structure containing information about each backend screen.

Field Documentation

Pixel _DMXScreenInfo::beBlackPixel

Default black pixel for BE

int _DMXScreenInfo::beBPP

Bits per pixel of BE display

Colormap* _DMXScreenInfo::beDefColormaps

Default colormaps for DMX server

int _DMXScreenInfo::beDefVisualIndex

Default visual index of BE

int _DMXScreenInfo::beDepth

Depth of BE display

int* _DMXScreenInfo::beDepths

Depths from BE server

Display* _DMXScreenInfo::beDisplay

Back-end X server's display

int _DMXScreenInfo::beHeight

Height of BE display

int _DMXScreenInfo::beNumDefColormaps

Number of default colormaps

int _DMXScreenInfo::beNumDepths

Number of depths on BE server

int _DMXScreenInfo::beNumPixmapFormats

Number of pixmap formats on BE

int _DMXScreenInfo::beNumVisuals

Number of visuals on BE

XPixmapFormatValues* _DMXScreenInfo::bePixmapFormats

Pixmap formats on BE

XVisualInfo* _DMXScreenInfo::beVisuals

Visuals from BE server

Pixel _DMXScreenInfo::beWhitePixel

Default white pixel for BE

int _DMXScreenInfo::beWidth

Width of BE display

int _DMXScreenInfo::beXDPI

Horizontal dots per inch of BE

int _DMXScreenInfo::beYDPI

Vertical dots per inch of BE

CloseScreenProcPtr _DMXScreenInfo::CloseScreen

Function pointers to wrapped screen functions

int _DMXScreenInfo::dpmsCapable

Non-zero if backend is DPMS capable

int _DMXScreenInfo::dpmsEnabled

Non-zero if DPMS enabled

int _DMXScreenInfo::dpmsOff

Original DPMS off value

int _DMXScreenInfo::dpmsStandby

Original DPMS standby value

int _DMXScreenInfo::dpmsSuspend

Original DPMS suspend value

int _DMXScreenInfo::index

Index into dmxScreens global

const char* _DMXScreenInfo::name

Name from command line or config file

Bool _DMXScreenInfo::needsSync

True if an XSync is pending

struct _DMXScreenInfo* _DMXScreenInfo::next

List of "screens" on same display

struct _DMXScreenInfo* _DMXScreenInfo::over

List of "screens" that overlap

int _DMXScreenInfo::rootHeight

Height of "root" window

int _DMXScreenInfo::rootWidth

Width of "root" window

Window _DMXScreenInfo::rootWin

"Root" window on backend display

int _DMXScreenInfo::rootX

X offset of "root" window WRT "screen"

int _DMXScreenInfo::rootXOrigin

Global X origin of "root" window

int _DMXScreenInfo::rootY

Y offset of "root" window WRT "screen"

int _DMXScreenInfo::rootYOrigin

Global Y origin of "root" window

int _DMXScreenInfo::savedTimeout

Original screen saver timeout

Drawable _DMXScreenInfo::scrnDefDrawables[MAXFORMATS]

Default drawables for "screen"

int _DMXScreenInfo::scrnHeight

Height of "screen"

int _DMXScreenInfo::scrnWidth

Width of "screen"

Window _DMXScreenInfo::scrnWin

"Screen" window on backend display

int _DMXScreenInfo::scrnX

X offset of "screen" WRT BE display

int _DMXScreenInfo::scrnXSign

X offset sign of "screen"

int _DMXScreenInfo::scrnY

Y offset of "screen" WRT BE display

int _DMXScreenInfo::scrnYSign

Y offset sign of "screen"

void* _DMXScreenInfo::shadow

Shadow framebuffer data (if enabled)

XImage* _DMXScreenInfo::shadowFBImage

Screen image used by shadow FB code

XlibGC _DMXScreenInfo::shadowGC

Default GC used by shadow FB code

int _DMXScreenInfo::shared

Non-zero if another Xdmx is running

DMXStatInfo* _DMXScreenInfo::stat

Statistics about XSync

PositionType _DMXScreenInfo::where

Relative layout information

int _DMXScreenInfo::whereRefScreen

Relative layout information

int _DMXScreenInfo::whereX

Relative layout information

int _DMXScreenInfo::whereY

Relative layout information

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