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_DMXLocalInputInfo Struct Reference

#include <dmxinputinit.h>

Data Fields

const char * name
DMXLocalInputType type
DMXLocalInputExtType extType
int binding
dmxCreatePrivateProcPtr create_private
dmxDestroyPrivateProcPtr destroy_private
dmxInitProcPtr init
dmxReInitProcPtr reinit
dmxLateReInitProcPtr latereinit
dmxGetInfoProcPtr get_info
dmxOnProcPtr on
dmxOffProcPtr off
dmxUpdatePositionProcPtr update_position
dmxVTPreSwitchProcPtr vt_pre_switch
dmxVTPostSwitchProcPtr vt_post_switch
dmxVTSwitchProcPtr vt_switch
dmxCollectEventsProcPtr collect_events
dmxProcessInputProcPtr process_input
dmxUpdateInfoProcPtr update_info
dmxMCtrlProcPtr mCtrl
dmxKBCtrlProcPtr kCtrl
dmxKBBellProcPtr kBell
pointer private
int isCore
int sendsCore
KeybdCtrl kctrl
PtrCtrl mctrl
DeviceIntPtr pDevice
int inputIdx
int lastY
int head
int tail
unsigned long * history
int * valuators
int savedMotionEvents
int savedSendsCore
int mapOptimize
long deviceId
const char * deviceName

Detailed Description

This is the device-independent structure used by the low-level input routines. The contents are not exposed to top-level .c files (except dmxextensions.c).
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Field Documentation

int _DMXLocalInputInfo::binding

Count of how many consecutive structs are bound to the same device

dmxCollectEventsProcPtr _DMXLocalInputInfo::collect_events

Collect and enqueue events from the device

dmxCreatePrivateProcPtr _DMXLocalInputInfo::create_private

Create device-dependent private

dmxDestroyPrivateProcPtr _DMXLocalInputInfo::destroy_private

Destroy device-dependent private

long _DMXLocalInputInfo::deviceId

device id on remote side, if any

const char* _DMXLocalInputInfo::deviceName

devive name on remote side, if any

DMXLocalInputExtType _DMXLocalInputInfo::extType

Extended device type

dmxGetInfoProcPtr _DMXLocalInputInfo::get_info

Get device information

int _DMXLocalInputInfo::head

XInput motion history head

unsigned long* _DMXLocalInputInfo::history

XInput motion history

dmxInitProcPtr _DMXLocalInputInfo::init

Initialize device

int _DMXLocalInputInfo::inputIdx

High-level index

int _DMXLocalInputInfo::isCore

Is a DMX core device

dmxKBBellProcPtr _DMXLocalInputInfo::kBell

Bell control

KeybdCtrl _DMXLocalInputInfo::kctrl

Keyboard control

dmxKBCtrlProcPtr _DMXLocalInputInfo::kCtrl

Keyboard control

int _DMXLocalInputInfo::lastY

Last known position; for XInput in dmxevents.c

dmxLateReInitProcPtr _DMXLocalInputInfo::latereinit

Reinitialize a device (called very late during a reconfiguration)

DMXEventMap _DMXLocalInputInfo::map[DMX_MAP_ENTRIES]

XInput device id map

int _DMXLocalInputInfo::mapOptimize

XInput device id map optimization

PtrCtrl _DMXLocalInputInfo::mctrl

Pointer control

dmxMCtrlProcPtr _DMXLocalInputInfo::mCtrl

Pointer control

const char* _DMXLocalInputInfo::name

Device name

dmxOffProcPtr _DMXLocalInputInfo::off

Turn device off

dmxOnProcPtr _DMXLocalInputInfo::on

Turn device on

DeviceIntPtr _DMXLocalInputInfo::pDevice

X-level device

pointer _DMXLocalInputInfo::private

Device-dependent private

dmxProcessInputProcPtr _DMXLocalInputInfo::process_input

Process event (from queue)

dmxReInitProcPtr _DMXLocalInputInfo::reinit

Reinitialize device (during a reconfiguration)

int _DMXLocalInputInfo::savedMotionEvents

Saved motion events

int _DMXLocalInputInfo::savedSendsCore

Saved sends-core flag

int _DMXLocalInputInfo::sendsCore

Sends DMX core events

int _DMXLocalInputInfo::tail

XInput motion history tail

DMXLocalInputType _DMXLocalInputInfo::type

Device type

dmxUpdateInfoProcPtr _DMXLocalInputInfo::update_info

Update window layout information

dmxUpdatePositionProcPtr _DMXLocalInputInfo::update_position

Called when another device updates the cursor position

int* _DMXLocalInputInfo::valuators

Cache of previous values

dmxVTPostSwitchProcPtr _DMXLocalInputInfo::vt_post_switch

Called after a VT switch

dmxVTPreSwitchProcPtr _DMXLocalInputInfo::vt_pre_switch

Called before a VT switch

dmxVTSwitchProcPtr _DMXLocalInputInfo::vt_switch

Causes a VT switch

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