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_DMXLocalInitInfo Struct Reference

#include <dmxinputinit.h>

Data Fields

int keyboard
int keyClass
KeySymsRec keySyms
int freemap
XkbDescPtr xkb
XkbComponentNamesRec names
int freenames
int force
int buttonClass
int numButtons
unsigned char map [DMX_MAX_BUTTONS]
int valuatorClass
int numRelAxes
int numAbsAxes
int minval [DMX_MAX_AXES]
int maxval [DMX_MAX_AXES]
int res [DMX_MAX_AXES]
int minres [DMX_MAX_AXES]
int maxres [DMX_MAX_AXES]
int focusClass
int proximityClass
int kbdFeedbackClass
int ptrFeedbackClass
int ledFeedbackClass
int belFeedbackClass
int intFeedbackClass
int strFeedbackClass
int maxSymbols
int maxSymbolsSupported
KeySym * symbols

Detailed Description

Stores information from low-level device that is used to initialize the device at the dix level.

Field Documentation

int _DMXLocalInitInfo::belFeedbackClass

Non-zero if device has a bell

int _DMXLocalInitInfo::buttonClass

Non-zero if buttons are present

int _DMXLocalInitInfo::focusClass

Non-zero if device can cause focus

int _DMXLocalInitInfo::force

Do not allow command line override

int _DMXLocalInitInfo::freemap

If non-zero, free

int _DMXLocalInitInfo::freenames

Non-zero if names should be free'd

int _DMXLocalInitInfo::intFeedbackClass

Non-zero if device has integer feedback

int _DMXLocalInitInfo::kbdFeedbackClass

Non-zero if device has keyboard feedback

int _DMXLocalInitInfo::keyboard

Non-zero if the device is a keyboard

int _DMXLocalInitInfo::keyClass

Non-zero if keys are present

KeySymsRec _DMXLocalInitInfo::keySyms

Key symbols

int _DMXLocalInitInfo::ledFeedbackClass

Non-zero if device has LED indicators

unsigned char _DMXLocalInitInfo::map[DMX_MAX_BUTTONS]

Button map

int _DMXLocalInitInfo::maxres[DMX_MAX_AXES]

Maximum resolutions

int _DMXLocalInitInfo::maxSymbols

Maximum symbols

int _DMXLocalInitInfo::maxSymbolsSupported

Maximum symbols supported

int _DMXLocalInitInfo::maxval[DMX_MAX_AXES]

Maximum values

int _DMXLocalInitInfo::minres[DMX_MAX_AXES]

Minimum resolutions

int _DMXLocalInitInfo::minval[DMX_MAX_AXES]

Minimum values

CARD8 _DMXLocalInitInfo::modMap[MAP_LENGTH]

Modifier map

XkbComponentNamesRec _DMXLocalInitInfo::names

XKB component names

int _DMXLocalInitInfo::numAbsAxes

Number of absolute axes

int _DMXLocalInitInfo::numButtons

Number of buttons

int _DMXLocalInitInfo::numRelAxes

Number of relative axes

int _DMXLocalInitInfo::proximityClass

Non-zero if device causes proximity events

int _DMXLocalInitInfo::ptrFeedbackClass

Non-zero if device has pointer feedback

int _DMXLocalInitInfo::res[DMX_MAX_AXES]


int _DMXLocalInitInfo::strFeedbackClass

Non-zero if device has string feedback

KeySym* _DMXLocalInitInfo::symbols

Key symbols

int _DMXLocalInitInfo::valuatorClass

Non-zero if valuators are present

XkbDescPtr _DMXLocalInitInfo::xkb

XKB description

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