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_DMXInputInfo Struct Reference

#include <dmxinput.h>

Data Fields

const char * name
Bool freename
Bool detached
int inputIdx
int scrnIdx
Bool core
Bool console
Bool windows
dmxSigioState sigioState
int sigioFdCount
int sigioFd [DMX_MAX_SIGIO_FDS]
Bool sigioAdded [DMX_MAX_SIGIO_FDS]
int vt_switch_pending
int vt_switched
int numDevs
char * keycodes
char * symbols
char * geometry

Detailed Description

DMXInputInfo is typedef'd in #dmx.h so that all routines can have access to the global pointers. However, the elements are only available to input-related routines.

Field Documentation

Bool _DMXInputInfo::console

True if console and backend input share the same backend display

Bool _DMXInputInfo::core

If True, initialize these devices as devices that send core events

Bool _DMXInputInfo::detached

If true, input screen is detached

DMXLocalInputInfoPtr* _DMXInputInfo::devs

List of actual input devices. Each _DMXInputInfo structure can refer to more than one device. For example, the keyboard and the pointer of a backend display; or all of the XInput extension devices on a backend display.

Bool _DMXInputInfo::freename

If true, free name on destroy

char* _DMXInputInfo::geometry

XKB geometry from command line

int _DMXInputInfo::inputIdx

Index into dmxInputs global

char* _DMXInputInfo::keycodes

XKB keycodes from command line

const char* _DMXInputInfo::name

Name of input display or device (from command line or config file)

int _DMXInputInfo::numDevs

Number of devices handled in this _DMXInputInfo structure.

int _DMXInputInfo::scrnIdx

Index into dmxScreens global

Bool _DMXInputInfo::sigioAdded[DMX_MAX_SIGIO_FDS]

Active fds

int _DMXInputInfo::sigioFd[DMX_MAX_SIGIO_FDS]

List of fds

int _DMXInputInfo::sigioFdCount

Number of fds in use

dmxSigioState _DMXInputInfo::sigioState

Current stat

char* _DMXInputInfo::symbols

XKB symbols from command line

int _DMXInputInfo::vt_switch_pending

True if a VT switch is pending, but has not yet happened.

int _DMXInputInfo::vt_switched

True if a VT switch has happened.

Bool _DMXInputInfo::windows

True if window outlines are draw in console

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