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dmxsigio.c File Reference

#include "inputstr.h"
#include "dmxinputinit.h"
#include "dmxsigio.h"
#include "dmxevents.h"
#include <signal.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <sys/fcntl.h>


void dmxSigioBlock (void)
void dmxSigioUnblock (void)
void dmxSigioEnableInput (void)
void dmxSigioDisableInput (void)
void dmxSigioRegister (DMXInputInfo *dmxInput, int fd)
void dmxSigioUnregister (DMXInputInfo *dmxInput)

Detailed Description

Provides an interface for handling SIGIO signals for input devices.

Function Documentation

void dmxSigioBlock void   ) 

Block SIGIO handling.

void dmxSigioDisableInput void   ) 

Disable SIGIO handling. This removes the hanlder from the OS.

void dmxSigioEnableInput void   ) 

Enable SIGIO handling. This instantiates the handler with the OS.

void dmxSigioRegister DMXInputInfo dmxInput,
int  fd

Make a note that the input device described in dmxInput will be using the file descriptor fd for SIGIO signals. Calls AddEnabledDevice ifi SIGIO handling has been enabled with dmxSigioEnableInput().

void dmxSigioUnblock void   ) 

Unblock SIGIO handling.

void dmxSigioUnregister DMXInputInfo dmxInput  ) 

Remove the notes that dmxInput is using any file descriptors for SIGIO signals. Calls RemoveEnabledDevice.

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