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dmxscrinit.c File Reference

#include "dmx.h"
#include "dmxsync.h"
#include "dmxshadow.h"
#include "dmxscrinit.h"
#include "dmxcursor.h"
#include "dmxgc.h"
#include "dmxgcops.h"
#include "dmxwindow.h"
#include "dmxpixmap.h"
#include "dmxfont.h"
#include "dmxcmap.h"
#include "dmxprop.h"
#include "dmxdpms.h"
#include "dmxpict.h"
#include "fb.h"
#include "mipointer.h"
#include "micmap.h"


Bool dmxCloseScreen (int idx, ScreenPtr pScreen)
void dmxBEScreenInit (int idx, ScreenPtr pScreen)
Bool dmxScreenInit (int idx, ScreenPtr pScreen, int argc, char *argv[])
void dmxBECloseScreen (ScreenPtr pScreen)


int dmxGCPrivateIndex
int dmxWinPrivateIndex
int dmxFontPrivateIndex
int dmxScreenPrivateIndex
int dmxColormapPrivateIndex
int dmxPictPrivateIndex
int dmxGlyphSetPrivateIndex

Detailed Description

This file provides support for screen initialization.

Function Documentation

void dmxBECloseScreen ScreenPtr  pScreen  ) 

Close the pScreen resources on the back-end server.

void dmxBEScreenInit int  idx,
ScreenPtr  pScreen

Initialize the parts of screen idx that require access to the back-end server.

Bool dmxCloseScreen int  idx,
ScreenPtr  pScreen

Close screen number idx.

Bool dmxScreenInit int  idx,
ScreenPtr  pScreen,
int  argc,
char *  argv[]

Initialize screen number idx.

Variable Documentation

int dmxColormapPrivateIndex

Private index for Colormaps

int dmxFontPrivateIndex

Private index for Fonts

int dmxGCPrivateIndex

Private index for GCs

int dmxGlyphSetPrivateIndex

Private index for GlyphSets

int dmxPictPrivateIndex

Private index for Picts

int dmxScreenPrivateIndex

Private index for Screens

int dmxWinPrivateIndex

Private index for Windows

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