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dmxinit.c File Reference

#include "dmx.h"
#include "dmxinit.h"
#include "dmxsync.h"
#include "dmxlog.h"
#include "dmxinput.h"
#include "dmxscrinit.h"
#include "dmxcursor.h"
#include "dmxfont.h"
#include "config/dmxconfig.h"
#include "dmxcb.h"
#include "dmxprop.h"
#include "dmxstat.h"
#include "dmxpict.h"
#include "Xos.h"
#include "dixstruct.h"
#include "panoramiXsrv.h"
#include <signal.h>


void InitOutput (ScreenInfo *pScreenInfo, int argc, char *argv[])
void AbortDDX (void)
void ddxGiveUp (void)
void OsVendorInit (void)
void OsVendorFatalError (void)
int ddxProcessArgument (int argc, char *argv[], int i)
void ddxUseMsg (void)
CARD32 GetTimeInMillis (void)


int dmxNumScreens
int dmxNumInputs
int dmxShadowFB = FALSE
XErrorEvent dmxLastErrorEvent
Bool dmxErrorOccurred = FALSE
char * dmxFontPath = NULL
Bool dmxOffScreenOpt = TRUE
Bool dmxSubdividePrimitives = TRUE
Bool dmxLazyWindowCreation = TRUE
Bool dmxUseXKB = TRUE
int dmxDepth = 0
Bool dmxNoRender = FALSE
Bool dmxIgnoreBadFontPaths = FALSE
Bool dmxAddRemoveScreens = FALSE

Detailed Description

Provide expected functions for initialization from the ddx layer and global variables for the DMX server.

Function Documentation

void AbortDDX void   ) 

This function is called in Xserver/os/utils.c from AbortServer(). We must ensure that backend and console state is restored in the event the server shutdown wasn't clean.

void ddxGiveUp void   ) 

This function is called in Xserver/dix/main.c from main() when dispatchException & DE_TERMINATE (which is the only way to exit the main loop without an interruption.

int ddxProcessArgument int  argc,
char *  argv[],
int  i

Process our command line arguments.

void ddxUseMsg void   ) 

Provide succinct usage information for the DMX server.

CARD32 GetTimeInMillis void   ) 

Return wall-clock time in milliseconds.

void InitOutput ScreenInfo *  pScreenInfo,
int  argc,
char *  argv[]

This routine is called in Xserver/dix/main.c from main().

void OsVendorFatalError void   ) 

This function is called in Xserver/os/utils.c from FatalError() and VFatalError(). (Note that setting the function pointer OsVendorVErrorFProc will cause VErrorF() (which is called by the two routines mentioned here, as well as by others) to use the referenced routine instead of vfprintf().)

void OsVendorInit void   ) 

This function is called in Xserver/os/osinit.c from OsInit().

Variable Documentation

Bool dmxAddRemoveScreens = FALSE

True if add and remove screens support is enabled

int dmxDepth = 0

Requested depth if non-zero

Bool dmxErrorOccurred = FALSE

True if an error occurred

char* dmxFontPath = NULL

NULL if no font path is set on the command line; otherwise, a string of comma separated paths built from the command line specified font paths

Bool dmxIgnoreBadFontPaths = FALSE

True if bad font paths should be ignored during server init

DMXInputInfo* dmxInputs

List of inputs

XErrorEvent dmxLastErrorEvent

Last error that occurred

Bool dmxLazyWindowCreation = TRUE

True if using the lazy window creation optimization

Bool dmxNoRender = FALSE

True if the RENDER extension should be disabled

int dmxNumInputs

Number of dmxInputs

int dmxNumScreens

Number of dmxScreens

Bool dmxOffScreenOpt = TRUE

True if using off screen optimizations

DMXScreenInfo* dmxScreens

List of outputs

int dmxShadowFB = FALSE

Non-zero if using shadow frame-buffer (deprecated)

Bool dmxSubdividePrimitives = TRUE

True if using the primitive subdivision optimization

Bool dmxUseXKB = TRUE

True if the XKB extension should be used with the backend servers

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