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dmxgc.c File Reference

#include "dmx.h"
#include "dmxsync.h"
#include "dmxgc.h"
#include "dmxgcops.h"
#include "dmxpixmap.h"
#include "dmxfont.h"
#include "gcstruct.h"
#include "pixmapstr.h"
#include "migc.h"


Bool dmxInitGC (ScreenPtr pScreen)
void dmxBECreateGC (ScreenPtr pScreen, GCPtr pGC)
Bool dmxCreateGC (GCPtr pGC)
void dmxValidateGC (GCPtr pGC, unsigned long changes, DrawablePtr pDrawable)
void dmxChangeGC (GCPtr pGC, unsigned long mask)
void dmxCopyGC (GCPtr pGCSrc, unsigned long changes, GCPtr pGCDst)
Bool dmxBEFreeGC (GCPtr pGC)
void dmxDestroyGC (GCPtr pGC)
void dmxChangeClip (GCPtr pGC, int type, pointer pvalue, int nrects)
void dmxDestroyClip (GCPtr pGC)
void dmxCopyClip (GCPtr pGCDst, GCPtr pGCSrc)

Detailed Description

This file provides support for GCs.

Function Documentation

void dmxBECreateGC ScreenPtr  pScreen,
GCPtr  pGC

Create the GC on the back-end server.

Bool dmxBEFreeGC GCPtr  pGC  ) 

Free the pGC on the back-end server.

void dmxChangeClip GCPtr  pGC,
int  type,
pointer  pvalue,
int  nrects

Change the clip rects for a GC.

void dmxChangeGC GCPtr  pGC,
unsigned long  mask

Set the values in the graphics context on the back-end server associated with pGC's screen.

void dmxCopyClip GCPtr  pGCDst,
GCPtr  pGCSrc

Copy a GC's clip rects.

void dmxCopyGC GCPtr  pGCSrc,
unsigned long  changes,
GCPtr  pGCDst

Copy pGCSrc to pGCDst on the back-end server associated with pGCSrc's screen.

Bool dmxCreateGC GCPtr  pGC  ) 

Create a graphics context on the back-end server associated /a pGC's screen.

void dmxDestroyClip GCPtr  pGC  ) 

Destroy a GC's clip rects.

void dmxDestroyGC GCPtr  pGC  ) 

Destroy the graphics context, pGC and free the corresponding GC on the back-end server.

Bool dmxInitGC ScreenPtr  pScreen  ) 

Initialize the GC on pScreen, which currently involves allocating the GC private associated with this screen.

void dmxValidateGC GCPtr  pGC,
unsigned long  changes,
DrawablePtr  pDrawable

Validate a graphics context, pGC, locally in the DMX server and recompute the composite clip, if necessary.

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