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dmxdpms.h File Reference

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void dmxDPMSInit (DMXScreenInfo *dmxScreen)
void dmxDPMSTerm (DMXScreenInfo *dmxScreen)
void dmxDPMSWakeup (void)

Detailed Description

Interface for DPMS extension support.
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Function Documentation

void dmxDPMSInit DMXScreenInfo dmxScreen  ) 

Initialize DPMS support. We save the current settings and turn off DPMS. The settings are restored in dmxDPMSTerm.

void dmxDPMSTerm DMXScreenInfo dmxScreen  ) 

Terminate DPMS support on dmxScreen. We restore the settings saved in dmxDPMSInit.

void dmxDPMSWakeup void   ) 

Called when activity is detected so that DPMS power-saving mode can be deactivated.

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