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dmxcommon.c File Reference

#include "dmxinputinit.h"
#include "dmxcommon.h"
#include "dmxconsole.h"
#include "dmxprop.h"
#include "dmxsync.h"
#include "dmxmap.h"
#include "inputstr.h"
#include "input.h"
#include "keysym.h"
#include "mipointer.h"
#include "scrnintstr.h"
#include <unistd.h>

Data Structures

struct  _myPrivate


typedef _myPrivate myPrivate


void dmxCommonKbdCtrl (DevicePtr pDev, KeybdCtrl *ctrl)
void dmxCommonMouCtrl (DevicePtr pDev, PtrCtrl *ctrl)
void dmxCommonKbdBell (DevicePtr pDev, int percent, int volume, int pitch, int duration)
void dmxCommonKbdGetMap (DevicePtr pDev, KeySymsPtr pKeySyms, CARD8 *pModMap)
void dmxCommonKbdGetInfo (DevicePtr pDev, DMXLocalInitInfoPtr info)
int dmxCommonKbdOn (DevicePtr pDev)
void dmxCommonKbdOff (DevicePtr pDev)
int dmxCommonOthOn (DevicePtr pDev)
void dmxCommonOthOff (DevicePtr pDev)
void dmxCommonOthGetInfo (DevicePtr pDev, DMXLocalInitInfoPtr info)
void dmxCommonMouGetMap (DevicePtr pDev, unsigned char *map, int *nButtons)
int dmxCommonMouOn (DevicePtr pDev)
void dmxCommonMouOff (DevicePtr pDev)
int dmxFindPointerScreen (int x, int y)
pointer dmxCommonCopyPrivate (DeviceIntPtr pDevice)
void dmxCommonSaveState (pointer private)
void dmxCommonRestoreState (pointer private)

Detailed Description

This file implements common routines used by the backend and console input devices.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _myPrivate myPrivate

Each device has a private area that is visible only from inside the driver code.

Function Documentation

pointer dmxCommonCopyPrivate DeviceIntPtr  pDevice  ) 

Returns a pointer to the private area for the device that comes just prior to pDevice in the current dmxInput device list. This is used as the private area for the current device in some situations (e.g., when a keyboard and mouse form a pair that should share the same private area). If the requested private area cannot be located, then NULL is returned.

void dmxCommonKbdBell DevicePtr  pDev,
int  percent,
int  volume,
int  pitch,
int  duration

Sound they keyboard bell.

void dmxCommonKbdCtrl DevicePtr  pDev,
KeybdCtrl *  ctrl

Update the keyboard control.

void dmxCommonKbdGetInfo DevicePtr  pDev,
DMXLocalInitInfoPtr  info

Fill in the XKEYBOARD parts of the info structure for the specified pDev.

void dmxCommonKbdGetMap DevicePtr  pDev,
KeySymsPtr  pKeySyms,
CARD8 *  pModMap

Get the keyboard mapping.

void dmxCommonKbdOff DevicePtr  pDev  ) 

Turn pDev off.

int dmxCommonKbdOn DevicePtr  pDev  ) 

Turn pDev on (i.e., take input from pDev).

void dmxCommonMouCtrl DevicePtr  pDev,
PtrCtrl *  ctrl

Update the mouse control.

void dmxCommonMouGetMap DevicePtr  pDev,
unsigned char *  map,
int *  nButtons

Obtain the mouse button mapping.

void dmxCommonMouOff DevicePtr  pDev  ) 

Turn pDev off.

int dmxCommonMouOn DevicePtr  pDev  ) 

Turn pDev on (i.e., take input from pDev).

void dmxCommonOthGetInfo DevicePtr  pDev,
DMXLocalInitInfoPtr  info

Fill the info structure with information needed to initialize pDev.

void dmxCommonOthOff DevicePtr  pDev  ) 

Turn pDev off.

int dmxCommonOthOn DevicePtr  pDev  ) 

Turn pDev on (i.e., take input from pDev).

void dmxCommonRestoreState pointer  private  ) 

This routine restores all the information saved by dmxCommonSaveState.

void dmxCommonSaveState pointer  private  ) 

This routine saves and resets some important state for the backend and console device drivers:

  • the modifier map is saved and set to 0 (so DMX controls the LEDs)
  • the key click, bell, led, and repeat masks are saved and set to the values that DMX claims to be using

This routine and dmxCommonRestoreState are used when the pointer enters and leaves the console window, or when the backend window is active or not active (for a full-screen window, this only happens at server startup and server shutdown).

int dmxFindPointerScreen int  x,
int  y

Given the global coordinates x and y, determine the screen with the lowest number on which those coordinates lie. If they are not on any screen, return -1. The number returned is an index into #dmxScreenInfo and is between -1 and dmxNumScreens - 1, inclusive.

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