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dmxbackend.c File Reference

#include "dmxinputinit.h"
#include "dmxbackend.h"
#include "dmxcommon.h"
#include "dmxconsole.h"
#include "dmxcursor.h"
#include "dmxprop.h"
#include "dmxsync.h"
#include "dmxcb.h"
#include "dmxevents.h"
#include "ChkNotMaskEv.h"
#include "inputstr.h"
#include "input.h"
#include "keysym.h"
#include "mipointer.h"
#include "scrnintstr.h"
#include "windowstr.h"

Data Structures

struct  _myPrivate


pointer dmxBackendCreatePrivate (DeviceIntPtr pDevice)
void dmxBackendDestroyPrivate (pointer private)
void dmxBackendUpdatePosition (pointer private, int x, int y)
void dmxBackendCollectEvents (DevicePtr pDev, dmxMotionProcPtr motion, dmxEnqueueProcPtr enqueue, dmxCheckSpecialProcPtr checkspecial, DMXBlockType block)
void dmxBackendProcessInput (pointer private)
void dmxBackendLateReInit (DevicePtr pDev)
void dmxBackendInit (DevicePtr pDev)
void dmxBackendMouGetInfo (DevicePtr pDev, DMXLocalInitInfoPtr info)
void dmxBackendKbdGetInfo (DevicePtr pDev, DMXLocalInitInfoPtr info)
int dmxBackendFunctions (pointer private, DMXFunctionType function)

Detailed Description

These routines support taking input from devices on the backend (output) displays.
See also:

Function Documentation

void dmxBackendCollectEvents DevicePtr  pDev,
dmxMotionProcPtr  motion,
dmxEnqueueProcPtr  enqueue,
dmxCheckSpecialProcPtr  checkspecial,
DMXBlockType  block

Get events from the X queue on the backend servers and put the events into the DMX event queue.

pointer dmxBackendCreatePrivate DeviceIntPtr  pDevice  ) 

Create and return a private data structure.

void dmxBackendDestroyPrivate pointer  private  ) 

Destroy the private data structure. No checking is performed to verify that the structure was actually created by dmxBackendCreatePrivate.

int dmxBackendFunctions pointer  private,
DMXFunctionType  function

Process #DMXFunctionType functions. The only function handled here is to acknowledge a pending server shutdown.

void dmxBackendInit DevicePtr  pDev  ) 

Initialized the backend device described by pDev.

void dmxBackendKbdGetInfo DevicePtr  pDev,
DMXLocalInitInfoPtr  info

Get information about the backend keyboard (for initialization).

void dmxBackendLateReInit DevicePtr  pDev  ) 

Re-initialized the backend device described by pDev (after a reconfig).

void dmxBackendMouGetInfo DevicePtr  pDev,
DMXLocalInitInfoPtr  info

Get information about the backend pointer (for initialization).

void dmxBackendProcessInput pointer  private  ) 

Called after input events are processed from the DMX queue. No event processing actually takes place here, but this is a convenient place to update the pointer.

void dmxBackendUpdatePosition pointer  private,
int  x,
int  y

This routine is called from #dmxCoreMotion for each motion event. #x and #y are global coordinants.

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