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dmxarg.c File Reference

#include "dmx.h"
#include "dmxarg.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

Data Structures

struct  _dmxArg


dmxArg dmxArgCreate (void)
void dmxArgFree (dmxArg a)
void dmxArgAdd (dmxArg a, const char *string)
const char * dmxArgV (dmxArg a, int item)
int dmxArgC (dmxArg a)
dmxArg dmxArgParse (const char *string)

Detailed Description

Generic comma-delimited argument processing.

Function Documentation

void dmxArgAdd dmxArg  a,
const char *  string

Add the string as the next argument in the dmxArg object.

int dmxArgC dmxArg  a  ) 

Return the number of arguments in the dmxArg object.

dmxArg dmxArgCreate void   ) 

Create an (externally opaque) dmxArg object.

void dmxArgFree dmxArg  a  ) 

Free the specified dmxArg object.

dmxArg dmxArgParse const char *  string  ) 

Parse a string into arguments delimited by commas. Return a new dmxArg object containing the arguments.

const char* dmxArgV dmxArg  a,
int  item

Return the argument number item in the dmxArg object. Arguments are 0 based. NULL will be returned for values less than 0 or equal to or greater than the number of arguments in the object.

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