Getting Started with DMX

Download, (Build), and Install DMX

To get started with Xdmx, you must have a copy of Xdmx on your system. There are three ways to proceed at this point:

Running Xdmx

After you have installed Xdmx, typing "Xdmx" will provide you with verbose but cryptic help on how to run the server. For more extensive help, please see the Xdmx man page.

Say you are running Xdmx on a machine called x0 and you have two other machines available, x1 and x2, both of which have X servers running on them (i.e., you have logged into the console on x1 and x2 and are running an X session). To start Xdmx, use the following command:

     Xdmx :1 +xinerama -display x1:0 -display x2:0

There should now be an X server running on x0 with the DISPLAY name ":1" (or, "x0:1"). The displays on x1 and x2 provide a unified input display, and the mouse on x1 should be able to move the cursor from x1 to x2 and back again. You can now set up applications to run on ":1", with the output being displayed on the x1 and x2 displays.

Xdmx is powerful and has many features. Please see the FAQ and the Xdmx man page for more information.

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